World Of Dance


The World of Dance Tour is the largest international Urban Dance Competition taking place in 19 international markets. With focus on the art of street dance and today’s new aged choreography, World of Dance is the largest touring event embracing urban dance and youth lifestyle. The world’s top dancers, hundreds of participants, and thousands of spectators will partake in international festival settings, awarding today’s top dancers with the most prestigious acknowledgements.

The WOD experience not only includes the international tour, but all of our entities, such as demos, activations, digital initiatives and more. We create a unique lifestyle anchored by urban dance, so that spectators feel part of an intimate community despite not being dancers themselves.

In all, by weaving together industries like clothing, art, fashion, music and more WOD has become an event of endless entertainment possibilities for all to experience. The Block Inc. holds the distribution, licensing, and production rights of WOD Canada and its Canadian Tour.

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